About Kathy's Creams and Things

Our Story. Our Mission.

In a world full of products that are recalled and/or result in class action lawsuits, you begin to wonder which of the thousands of products you use will become the next item you see on the news.

Preservatives, acids, and thickeners, thinners, homogenizing agents, sulfates, dyes, and more fill the bottles and jars that we as consumers put on our bodies. When I had a horrible experience with a product line I had trusted, I knew I needed to make a change.

Through research, I began to develop my own exfoliates to help keep the skin fresh, and moisturizers to protect it. Let nature do the rest. Everything in Kathy's Creams product line can be read in under five seconds.

It's been a while since I introduced myself. So here goes! I am Kathy of Kathy’s Creams and Things, and I have always loved a good skin cream or lotion, sometimes mixing products to get the consistency just right. After a bout with adult onset of eczema and a bad experience with a product line that I trusted, I knew I had to make a change. As I was searching for products to moisturize my sensitive skin what I found was disappointing. So many products with additives, preservatives and other ingredients that my skin did not need.
Through research I developed gentle exfoliants and moisturizers with organic Shea butter and moisturizing fragrant oils. After a few years of supplying friends and family with products Kathy’s Creams and Things was born. Making products in small batches with 3 to 4 ingredients to help keep skin healthy and hydrated is my specialty.
If you love a good exfoliate to unclog pores, and a rich butter cream to moisturize head over to the website kathys-creams.com.
Also, in addition to making amazing skincare products. I am a new author and promote trauma consciousness and healing from the negative effects of dysfunctional home environments. To learn more about my new book click on the link below.